Prospective Students

After you’ve decided to go to graduate school for human genetics, the next big question is where to attend?

Catherine Rehder
Catherine W. Rehder, Ph.D., Human Genetics 2004 graduate

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Human and Molecular Genetics is home to distinguished faculty with diversified interests, students with similar stipends and compensation, and a wide variety of challenging and engaging course work.

VCU includes a caring atmosphere with faculty members interested in student’s personal career goals. It is a place where students grow as scientists, while being supported in his or her endeavors.

The Department of Human and Molecular Genetics offers unique clinical opportunities and those early encounters with clinical medicine will benefit students as they expand into their careers after VCU. Even if your career goals don’t involve clinical genetics, exposure to the human side of human genetics is an invaluable experience for graduate students.

Being the best scientist is more than the hours spent in the lab or the time spent reading journal articles, it’s about understanding the field and its impact on the world. The human genetics program at VCU is the best place to help students gain that perspective.


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