Clinical Genetics Services

The Department of Human and Molecular Genetics has a long standing history of providing clinical genetic, laboratory and counseling services to families in Virginia and other states. Clinical Genetics ServicesComprehensive clinical services are available, including clinical and laboratory evaluation, diagnosis, counseling, and management of hereditary conditions and birth defects. The department offers a range of clinical services including preconception consultation, prenatal counseling and testing, pediatric and adult diagnostic evaluation and management, metabolic consultation and management, and cancer genetic risk assessment, counseling and testing. Services are provided by a team of medical professionals including physician geneticists, genetic counselors, nutritionist, cytogeneticists and laboratory geneticists, and other genetics support staff.

Clinics are held weekly at the VCU Medical Center’s Children’s Pavilion and Nelson Clinic and at the Stony Point location. Monthly and quarterly satellite clinics take place in various settings in the Richmond and Central Virginia areas. Families can be referred by a health care provider or may self refer.

The clinical group is engaged in a variety of research studies that may involve recruitment of participants. Most of these studies involve persons with particular conditions or family histories. We will periodically update this website when recruitments are open. is another excellent point of access for research studies in genetic conditions.


Prenatal genetic counseling services
Phone: (804) 828-9632, option 2

Medical genetics consultation and evaluation
Phone: (804) 828-9639
Telepage: (804) 828-4999 for the geneticist on call

Prenatal genetic counseling services with ultrasound or procedures
Phone: (804) 828-4409

Molecular Diagnostic Testing
VCU Department of Pathology

Familial Cancer Center
Appointments: (804) 828-5116
Genetic Counselors: (804) 628-1925 or (804) 828-6245
Massey Cancer Center

Cytogenetic Diagnostic Testing
VCU Department of Pathology: Cytogenetics diagnostics laboratory

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