VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine

Molecular Medicine Building

The VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine is directed by Dr. Paul B. Fisher and includes five additional faculty members, Drs. Paul Dent, Steven Grant, Devanand Sarkar, Xiang-Yang Wang and Jolene Windle. VIMM is housed in the new Molecular Medicine Research Building, which was completed in mid-2009.

The mission of VIMM is to create the next generation of effective preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for cancer, neurodegeneration and infectious diseases. Among the goals of VIMM are to leverage current knowledge of cancer, neurodegeneration and infectious diseases to better understand genes that play a critical role in pathogenesis, to identify molecular targets for developing strategies to diagnose and treat these three disease states, and to transfer discoveries into the arena of clinical research and ultimately into practical benefit to society.

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