VCU Medical Center

Department of Human and Molecular Genetics

The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Human and Molecular Genetics provides multifaceted research activities focusing on current important areas of medical and basic research. Our 24 faculty members conduct research, clinical and educational activities at the VCU Medical Center, the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics and the VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Genetic counselors and medical genetics faculty conduct their outpatient counseling, medical genetics practice and inpatient pediatrics service at the VCU Medical Center and affiliated outpatient clinics.

ACGME Residency

A fully ACGME-accredited two-year residency in Medical Genetics is offered in the department. The program tailors its training to the individual needs and career plans of the residents. A full range of course offerings are available in collaboration with the Ph.D. and postdoctoral genetics training in the department as well as the master’s degree in Genetic Counseling program.

Clinical services provided by the department range from preconception to post mortem with a Familial Cancer Clinic in collaboration with the Massey Cancer Center, several community hospital collaborations with prenatal clinics, multiple specialty pediatric clinics, a palliative care service and other new areas. Multiple research areas are available, including interdisciplinary projects in public health, behavioral sciences, cancer, model organisms, cytogenetics, biochemical genetics, behavioral and psychiatric genetics.

The faculty is committed to excellence in training and look forward to working with physicians who plan to advance the field of genetics and the quality and effectiveness of genetic services. Applications should be completed in ERAS and submitted through the Match.

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